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I’d like to announce my new educational resource – a complete video series of instructional screencasts designed to get you up to speed with data science and machine learning using the R statistical environment. The materials are offered over on O’Reilly Safari Books Online as “Data Science with R Master Class.”

This video series will show you how to apply R to your data science projects. You will learn to perform the data science process including data acquisition, data transformation, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, and statistical learning algorithm usage. This course will provide you with the tools and techniques required to excel with statistical learning methods in tackling important data problem domains. The R statistical environment was chosen for use in this course because many data scientists use it exclusively for their project work. All of the code examples for the course are written in R. In addition, many popular R packages and data sets will be used. The R code for all modules of the class can be found in this GitHub repo.

I’ve patterned the materials to be consumed in parallel with my book “Data Science and Machine Learning: An Introduction to Statistical Learning Methods with R.”

General_assemblyI was asked to present a talk at the General Assembly Santa Monica location this coming Wednesday, February 5 – What is Data Science? I plan to cover all the basics of big data, data science and machine learning, including a discussion of many of the misnomers floating around these days such as the “unicorn” myth. The audience will be startup co-founders, CEOs, CTOs, analytics executives, product managers etc. to identify how data science can add business value & where to start with realistic & relevant data science projects. I’m looking forward to this!

My slides can be downloaded HERE.

I will be presenting a talk tonight, November 14, 2013 over at the General Assembly office in Santa Monica: Data Munging: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. My talk will be part of the LA R Meetup group’s event “The unsexy part of data science.” My slides can be downloaded HERE.