AMULET Analytics provides professional services in the following areas: data science, machine learning, data analytics, and data visualization. In support of these services, the following domain experience is covered: e-commerce, manufacturing, non-profit, fashion, education, start-ups, financial services, retail, travel and more.

AMULET’s goal is to treat your data assets as a “secret weapon” in a competitive world. You already own your enterprise data, so why not increase its value by using state-of-the-art data science technologies? AMULET can help provide actionable information that can be used to guide business and marketing decisions as well as predict consumer purchase intent and to guide customers through conversion funnels more efficiently.

Mentorship for Data Science Projects

Planning a new data science project? Feeling a bit insecure in your knowledge of this fast paced field of technology and need someone to translate complex terms and methodologies? I can help guide the way – prepare RFP document, select and qualify data sources, help with feature engineering, help conduct interviews with data science team candidates, be down in the trenches to represent your company with the data science team during development, help make sure machine learning solutions are as accurate as you require, assist with final data storytelling for project stakeholders, etc. Having a mentor on your side will help ensure in the success of your data science project.

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