AMULET Analytics provides professional services in the following areas: data science, machine learning, predictive analytics, data analysis, data cleansing, and visualization. In support of these services, the following domain experience is covered: e-commerce, manufacturing, non-profit, fashion, education, start-ups, financial services, retail, travel and more.

AMULET’s goal is to treat your data assets as a “secret weapon” in a competitive world. You already own your enterprise data, so why not increase its value by using state-of-the-art data science technologies? AMULET can help provide actionable information that can be used to guide business and marketing decisions as well as predict consumer purchase intent and to guide customers through conversion funnels more efficiently.

Here are some profiles highlighting successful data science projects completed for various clients:

  • An online printing company found itself trying to manage more than 100,000 customer records and decided to turn to AMULET for help with data analysis to make informed strategic decisions. A large portion of the company’s sales were in the B2B arena and it was useful to segment the data based on a variety of demographics showing management the primary industries they were serving. They saw purchase patterns to determine what new products and service they should be offering. Recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) data were also analyzed for product affinities, which helped the firm identify products to cross-sell. The project also used the data to identify behavioral transaction information allowing for the optimization of customer experience with relevant messaging and web treatments.
  • A women’s apparel retailer engaged AMULET for a project to look at sales correlations between different items and used it to recommend other product to similar shoppers.  We also looked at sales and fulfillment history by store and warehouse to determine how much inventory should be kept in stock at each store and warehouse, recommend reorder points and preferred stock levels and automatically create purchase orders with the appropriate workflow processes.
  • A local children’s charity used AMULET services to predict potential pitfalls far enough in advance that it could create another solution or avoid the pitfall altogether. Predictive analytics performed an organizational assessment which looked at issues, such as HR, financial process, volunteerism, governance, etc. When organizational assessments from an entire sector of charities are compared, “holes” in the sector begin to emerge and become apparent.

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