Press releases, articles, interviews, and news for Daniel D. Gutierrez and AMULET Analytics

Press Releases

InsideBIGDATA Hires ‘Data Scientist’ Daniel D. Gutierrez as Managing Editor, press release on insideBIGDATA.

Selected Articles

Field Report: GPU Technology Conference 2016, article on insideBIGDATA (4/18/2016)

Building on the data lake, article on The Economist – Look Ahead (4/7/2015)

Ask a Data Scientist: The Bias vs. Variance Tradeoff, article on insideBIGDATA (10/22/2014)

Ask a Data Scientist: Curse of Dimensionality, article on insideBIGDATA (10/15/2014)

Ask a Data Scientist: Recommender Systems, article on insideBIGDATA (10/1/2014)

MLlib: Apache Spark Component for Machine Learning, article on KDnuggets (7/24/2014)

The Growing Government Open Data Movement, article on SignalCentral (7/7/2014)

The 5 Best Data Science Tools from 2014 Hadoop Summit, article on SignalCentral (6/20/2014)

Data Science as the Panacea for Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, article on SignalCentral (6/12/2014)

YARN is All the Rage at Hadoop Summit 2014, article on KDnuggets (6/12/2014)

Big Data Use Case: ZooKeeper at Rubicon Project, article on KDnuggets (5/27/2014)

Data vs. Gut Instinct: How Will Your Drive Your Business?, article on SignalCentral (5/20/2014)

What is Data Science?, article on SignalCentral (5/6/2014)

How Data Science Impacts Intelligent Retargeting, article on SignalCentral (4/24/2014)

Data Scientists Losing their Sex Appeal?, article on insideBIGDATA (4/22/2014)

Local Data on a Global Scale, article on SignalCentral (4/11/2014)

Increase Revenue and Improve Business Strategy with Retail Analytics, article on SignalCentral (4/7/2014)

Data Science and ICD-10 Team Up to Benefit Healthcare, article on SignalCentral (3/31/2014)

The Death of Data Science has been Greatly Exaggerated, article on insideBIGDATA (3/14/2014)

Big Data or Big Bubble?, article on insideBIGDATA (3/10/2014)

The SAS versus R Debate, article on insideBIGDATA (3/1/2014)

Becoming a Data Scientist – What Does it Take?, article on insideBIGDATA (2/20/2014)

Predictive Analytics for SMBs: A Vital Competitive Force, article on Database Trends and Applications (1/23/2013)

Technology Guides

insideHPC Special Report Riding the Wave of Machine Learning & Deep Learning, on behalf of Dell EMC and NVIDIA

insideBIGDATA Guide to Machine Learning on behalf of Revolution Analytics (now Microsoft)

insideBIGDATA Guide to Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning on behalf of NVIDIA

insideBIGDATA Guide to Predictive Analytics on behalf of TIBCO

insideBIGDATA: An Insider’s Guide to Apache Spark on behalf of TIBCO

insideBIGDATA Guide to Healthcare & Life Sciences on behalf of Dell and Intel

insideBIGDATA Guide to Data Analytics in Government on behalf of Dell and Intel

insideBIGDATA Guide to Scientific Research on behalf of Dell and Intel

insideBIGDATA Guide to Big Data for Manufacturing on behalf of Dell and Intel

insideBIGDATA Guide to Retail on behalf of Dell and Intel

Using the Cloud: Capitalizing on Performance, Analytics and Data on behalf of Teradata

insideBIGDATA Guide to Streaming Analytics on behalf of StreamAnalytix


Is the Internet of Things Just Big Brother in Disguise?, interview on Recovery Zone Blog (10/20/2014)

Hadoop Jobs: Hiring Outlook Red Hot, interview in InformationWeek (6/18/2014)


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