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Toyota_Financial_ServicesI just completed a short Boot-Camp style corporate training gig for Toyota Financial Services. The 3 full-day session was organized by UC Irvine Extension as part of their Data Science program. I had a blast with the Toyota group consisting of Big Data and BI managers, analysts, IT personnel, and programmers. It was a very insightful group with a sincere desire to learn R, data science and machine learning. I came away quite impressed with Toyota (too bad they’re moving to Texas).

Economist_logoI was recently recruited by the Economist, “Look Ahead powered by GE” to write an article on the rise of data lake technology to further enable the industrial Internet. You can check out my non-bylined piece HERE.

insideBIGDATA_Guide_MfgI’m pleased to announce that I was contracted to research, develop and write a new technology guide “insideBIGDATA Guide to Manufacturing” sponsored by Dell and Intel. The goal for this Guide is to provide strategic direction for enterprise thought leaders in the manufacturing sector for ways of leveraging the big data technology stack in support of analytics proficiencies designed to work more independently and effectively in today’s climate of striving to increase the value of corporate data assets.

You can download a copy of the guide HERE.

GridGain_webinarI’m pleased to announce that my new technology guide is now available for download HERE. I was contracted to research, develop and write “insideBIGDATA Guide to Hyperscaling your SaaS Infrastructure” sponsored by GridGain Systems, Inc. The technology guide is targeted at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies wishing to increase scalability and performance of their applications using in-memory computing with a specific emphasis on GridGain’s products and solutions.

[Update 3/31/2015: I moderated a webinar with GridGain on this topic. You can access the slides and audio HERE.]


UCLA Statistics Career Night

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Events, News, Uncategorized

Stat_UCLA2I was pleased to receive an invitation to be on a panel discussion for the upcoming UCLA Statistics Career Night. Hosted by the UCLA Undergraduate Statistics Club, the panel of experts in the field will convey their insights into statistics as a profession. As a practicing data scientist who routinely uses mathematical statistics in my work with machine learning, I’m looking forward to a lively discourse about this quickly growing field. As a UCLA alumnus, it will be great to interact with the next generation of data scientist.

UCDavis_logoI’m excited to announce that I’ve been contracted by UC Davis Extension to develop a new data science program aimed at working professionals wishing to make the transition to this growth field. I will be defining all aspects of the new program including: definition of intended audience, learning objects, learner outcomes, core course list plus electives, and weekly topical outlines for core courses. After having taught at UCLA Extension for 15 years, I’m eager to play a role in the success of the new UC Davis program.

Los Angeles R Users Group Meetup

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

useR_logoI will be giving a short talk on a panel of data scientists who attended the international useR! 2104 conference earlier this year at UCLA. Hosted by the Los Angeles R Users Group, I shall present my “Best of” list for the conference, all the cool sessions I attended and what I found compelling. If you’re in LA, come out for this meetup on November 11. Click HERE to access my slides for the presentation.