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FocusTRAINRI’m very pleased to announce that I am now on the Board of Advisers for a new Los Angeles based start-up company: Focus Ventures, Inc. My responsibilities will be to advise the technical team on areas relating to data science and machine learning. The company’s product TRAINR by FocusMotion is a leading-edge offering in the wearables space. TRAINR provides the user with top trainer designed programs while tracking workouts, automatically. TRAINR is a digital personal trainer that’s available on multiple platforms and can work with nearly every existing fitness device.

FocusMotion is a complete solution that makes it easy to track and analyze physical movements with wearable devices. A new hardware and OS agnostic SDK unlocks new consumer insights and behaviors.  The product performs all of the complex signal processing, algorithm, and device integration work so innovators can focus on making engaging applications. I am really looking forward to this new assignment!